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Transgender Day of Remembrance 2022

The Center staff smiles at the camera.

Above: Members of the Center for Transgender Health Staff. Jennifer Parks, M.P.H., Chief Administrative Officer; Fan Liang, M.D., Medical Director; Pablo Restrepo, PA-C, M.P.H., Physician Assistant; Christian Gilbert, Senior Program Manager; Romy Smith, LMSW, Social Worker

Angela Smith
Angela Smith, Program Coordinator
Ro Bowman
Ro Bowman, Specialty Nurse

From the Center for Transgender Health

“We come together as a community each November to honor those who have been murdered because of an anti-transgender bias. According to Human Rights Council, 32 transgender identified individuals have lost their lives so far this year. Our community, along with The Center for Transgender Health, will continue to work hard to change the national narrative in an attempt to reduce and eliminate transphobia. I’m determined to be a part of this shift as a proud transman, but for now I will honor those who may be forgotten without a day of remembrance.” -Christian Gilbert, Senior Program Manager

“The staggering number of Transgender folks who have been the victim of fatal violence is always heavy on my heart, and this is a message I convey with dire urgency daily, but especially on the TDOR. Gender affirming surgery matters! It not only reduces internal experiences of gender dysphoria, but it enables our patients to safely move through the world as their authentic self by reducing the risk of being clocked by someone who would do them harm. Transgender women of color remain the most at-risk category of transgender people and helping our patients to get the gender affirming surgeries they need and deserve drives me daily. This day is a solemn memorial of the lives that have been lost, and a hope that we can make the world a better place in their honor.” -Ro Bowman, RN, BSN, CEN, Specialty Nurse

For Johns Hopkins Staff