“Emerge”ing Insights into Health Care for Transgender Adolescents

This excerpt is from a post written by Caitlin McFarland, originally published on the Biomedical Odyssey Blog.

It’s this not knowing
When the guest will leave
And you are the guest.

This is how poet Ali Blythe begins Transition in his new collection, Hymnswitch. Nonbinary and transgender youth may find that they too feel like guests in their own bodies. In addition to the normal stresses of adolescence, these youth may have distress because of a mismatch between their bodies and gender identity, known as gender dysphoria. The effects are concretely tangible: multiple studies, including one from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, demonstrate that adolescent gender minorities are two to three times more likely to 1) attempt suicide and 2) experience homelessness and substance abuse. They also face systemic discrimination — multiple states are considering legislation to block access to gender affirming care for transgender youth.

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